Molly! Second Serve in a Nutshell

The goal of Second Serve is for the donor to become a buyer, and vice versa. This way the clothes keep moving, being used, sold and re-sold, and money is going to charities over and over again (and staying out of landfills). I want to follow one piece of clothing donated to Second Serve, and then track it as it sells and then is donated back- over and over again. I had a taste of this at our first Second Serve house party last summer. Ah, summer. Can't wait!

My friend Molly had donated a bunch of super cute dresses and other pieces prior to the party, so I hung them on a rack with some other donations so people could shop if they wanted. A cocktail or two later another friend, Susan, was urged to try on one of Molly’s dresses. It fit like a glove and she totally rocked it. Susan bought the dress.

Let's spell out the happy:

  1. Susan was happy with the dress.
  2. Molly was happy to see that her donation made Susan happy.
  3. Susan was happy that $63.75 was going to charity.
  4. Molly was happy that $63.75 was going to charity.
  5. Molly was happy she could select any charity she wanted!   

But it gets better:  Molly bought a top as well.  

6. Which made her happy. 

Oh and both Molly and Susan were happy that the environment was spared in this shopping experience (that's 7 and 8).

I almost cried. And I'm not even joking. This is what we want to happen on a large scale. A global scale!

This is what can happen.

Here is what Molly emailed to me after the party:

"Second Serve Resale is a brilliant idea. I love win-win situations, but SSR has triple the impact. It helps the customer, the community, and the environment. I cleaned out my closet, donated several pieces, bought an adorable silk blouse at the sale, and was able to choose the charity I wanted the money to go to. Well done ladies."

We don’t have a testimonial section on this site but we totally should! 

We invite you, dear reader, to think about joining our community. You don’t have to be a donor and buyer all at once. Start by thinking about the concept of Second Serve, and share with your friends, and the nonprofit organizations that are important to you. We can fund your nonprofit. We can keep clothes out of landfills and cut down on consumption of new clothing. At the same time!

Plus it will make you happy.

Can’t wait for our next pop-up party. Stay tuned!

Hope to see you there.


  • Judith Covington

    An awesome venture..cannot wait to get involved! Wow, winners all around!

  • Sonja Housenga

    Awesome! Great idea!

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