Fashion Resale Week? Why Not?

Happy Friday everyone!

There is a lot going on today. For starters we are having a pop-up sale right now. Get thee to Westerly, RI if you can. I know this is daunting if you live in Providence, or OMG Barrington, but be brave and gas the car, pack a lunch, and road trip to South County. You can even hit Matunuck Oyster Bar on the way home! Our sale is all day today, at Pond View Racquet Club, so pop-in to the pop-up

Today is also the start of fashion week in New York. Tune in to see how much press the Fashion Act gets. This is the Fashion Sustainability and Social Accountability Act I wrote about in a previous post- New York’s effort to pass legislation to get the fashion industry to comply with environmental and labor standards. It’s not a flashy subject like haute couture or celebrity spotting, but way more important, don’t you think? I guess I am a little bit of a “debbie downer” when I think about fashion week. I am interested in fashion for sure, but the whole event just smacks over the top consumption. You know what I want? How about a fashion resale week? And let’s have it here in Rhody- the biggest little state in the union. The wheels in my head are turning…

I also want to report that our beloved Beatles Dress sold- I love that dress. But I am happy to see it sold, bought by EB in California who will be able to enjoy it for years to come. This customer selected Save The Bay as a beneficiary of 85% of the sale, so $211 and change is headed there. How fun is it to buy something that you want and then see most of that money go to the cause that you want? It’s like going to a silent auction that was made just for you, hosted by your favorite cause, with all your favorite things, and you get to buy what you REALLY want. No not a gift basket or gift certificate that you will lose or forget about or leave to expire.

I contacted the donor of the dress and she was thrilled that it sold. I want to keep donors in the loop to highlight the value of their donations, so they are hooked on donating again. I am going to keep in touch with the buyer, and ask her to let us know her travels with the dress. There will be a story there to be sure. Or, she might tell me she was just buying a dress because she wanted it, and nothing more, so please, no need for me to keep in touch. I am not sure how she will respond but I will make the effort. I will also suggest she think about donating the dress back, if a day comes when she decides to clean it out of her closet for whatever reason. I do not believe this will happen as it is such a gorgeous well made dress but still, I want to plant that seed, that it's possible to keep this good feeling going. You can give it back and watch it sell again, and watch the money go to fund a cause, for a second time. How about a third?

This is why Second Serve is different from other shopping experiences. From other resale experiences. It is possible to change our ways of shopping, to change our ways of thinking about clothes, to tell our stories through what we buy, and what we donate.

These are the ideas that get me excited. I hope you are excited too! The world is our resale oyster!

We hope to see you today at the pop-up. For those who live too far, stay tuned for future pop-ups in a locale near you. I’m thinking Phoenix, Arizona all the way to Tacoma, Philadelphia, Atlanta, LA. Haha I’m serious.

We will get there.

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