It’s been…

Do you watch Family Guy? There is this one episode where Peter decides he is going to make a 6 second talk show because that is as long as anyone can pay attention. For a musical guest he has the Barenaked Ladies, and all they have time to sing is “It’s been…” from the song One Week. It's hilarious. 

I have a soft spot for Family Guy, as I am a Rhode Islander, and I have a soft spot for the Barenaked Ladies as well. My kids wore out the Gordon cd on car trips. They would yell from the backseat, “Number three”, not knowing what the titles were. It’s quite a feat to have kids and parents enjoying the same music at that age. We’ve had some tough breaks in my family, but, by golly, we were spared Barney and Raffi.

What does this have to do with Second Serve Resale? Well….it’s been… year for us.

And I like a nice digression. Even at the beginning.

Highlights of the last year or so
  • We formed a nonprofit and put together a board to promote our mission of changing the way people think about clothing.
  • We created a national online resale shop.
  • Our donors generously supplied over 1000 items for our inventory. 
  • We started a community of donors and buyers that help the environment and support nonprofits- while having fun!
  • We have formed relationships with nonprofits to educate ourselves about the needs in our communities.
  • We formed relationships with other online resale sellers, like The Sequin Lead and Gem App, to share tips and information.
  • We had wonderful interns! Georgie, Sadie, Ali, Julia, and Charlotte. Our future is in capable hands! 
  • We had 5 pop-up events to showcase our inventory and build community awareness.
  • Our most expensive item- an Alexander McQueen “hacking” jacket for $1,500. Sold at our blockbuster pop-up for Sojourner House!
  • Our favorite vintage item: 1960s go-go boots. Still for sale!!
  • We had some great press, from Shop RI; The Pawtucket Times; Hill, Pond and Preserve/Stroll magazine; and the Westerly Sun, with two articles for the win!
  • We directed 85% of our sales, totalling $10,000, to nonprofits. $10,000!
  • We had fun. Epic fun.
Looking toward 2023
  • We already have several pop-ups on the schedule, including one in Atlanta!
  • Look forward to a blockbuster pop-up with the Westerly College Club in May!
  • We are excited to highlight visible mending as part of our resale practice.
  • We are going to streamline the giving process, so that nonprofits receive their proceeds quickly and hassle-free. Stay tuned!
  • We are going to increase our efforts at securing wonderful clothing items in larger sizes, so we can offer more selection across the board.
  • We are going to keep having fun, while we work hard to fulfill our mission!
Thank You!!

We are so thankful for our donors and our shoppers, and the nonprofits we have had the pleasure to work with this year. 

We look forward to growing this community in 2023. We will be busy, but I can’t wait. 

Someday I will say, “It’s been…ten years.” And it will be a blink. 

Here is to another year of Second Serve Resale! I will savor every day of it.

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