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Support community theater.

At Second Serve you can give your 85% to any nonprofit you choose, or you can always defer to one of our five nonprofit partners, such as The Burbage Theatre Company, a dedicated and talented group of people located at 59 Blackstone Ave in Pawtucket (pronounced P’tucket to the unfamiliar, or, lovingly, The Bucket). I wrote about Burbage in a previous blog post introducing them as one of our partner nonprofits when we started Second Serve last year. 

Good theater. Good gin.

There is great theater in Rhode Island, but I am most at home at The Burbage Theatre Company. Maybe because it is in my hometown, or maybe because there is a gin bar in the basement (It’s Rhode Island Spirits, and they are the makers of Rhodium brand gins). Yes, that is a plus (AND you get a dollar off if you show your Burbage tickets). But the main reason, simply, is that Burbage puts on good plays. They are always engaging and thought provoking, oftentimes hilarious and irreverent. 

Go see it.

The Rhode Island premiere of Five Women Wearing the Same Dress happened last night, and I was lucky to get tickets last minute. Directed by the talented Allison Crews, it is a story of five bridesmaids holed up in the sister-of-the-bride's bedroom, for various reasons, to avoid the wedding reception. It takes place in 1992 in Knoxville, Tennessee. Each bridesmaid has a tale to tell or hide. That's all I will give away (Alan Ball wrote the play. He is the guy who wrote and received an Oscar for American Beauty, and is responsible for Six Feet Under).

The dresses alone are worth seeing. And there are fascinators! Peach!

The play inspired me to dig up the pictures of my own wedding and re-evaluate the bridesmaid dresses. My mom orchestrated the whole affair, God bless her, and she made those hats as well. Martha Stewart Weddings circa 1993. 

There is Patti (second from left) from our Second Serve team!

I think these dresses are not as offensive as they could have been. Does everyone say that about their own wedding? I wonder if anyone actually wore them again. I’d like to think so. Maybe not the hats. Patti assures me “no” to both.

Hey, it could have been worse:

Is that Mia Farrow on the right? I digress...

Support Burbage!

Get thee to Burbage and support outstanding theater! And support this great community when you shop at Second Serve. Just select The Burbage Theatre Company on a product page, and 85% of the proceeds of the sale will be directed to them.

This is Preview Weekend (get tickets) Friday- 8pm, Saturday-8pm (pay what you can night!), and Sunday-2pm. The play runs through April 3, 2022. The theater is located at 59 Blackstone Ave., Pawtucket RI 02860.

P.S. The gin bar is open Friday through Sunday, not Thursday, as I discovered last night. Wah. 


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