Summer Bucket List

Hello our names are Georgie and Sadie and we have worked at Second Serve for our senior project for the past two weeks. We are both interested in fashion and thrifting our wardrobes so we had a great deal of fun naturally. In this blog post we will discuss our summer bucket list and what we plan on wearing, and we think you should take our advice and spice up your summer and outfits as well (because we are young, chic, and in the know). 

Trends For the Summer
  • Linen pants 
  • Overalls
  • Halter tops and dresses
  • Wearing sweaters at the beach
  • Jorts
  • Baseball hats
  • Camouflage hats and shirts 
  • A good sandal- birkenstocks are always in and keens if you want the summer version of sneakers
  • Platform flip flops (so you're taller than the men)
  • White dresses 
  • Polarized sport sunglasses 
What To Wear Where
  • Beach bonfire with close friends

Wear a bathing suit under your linen pants and oversized button up that you leave unbuttoned. Wear no shoes or else you’re lame. You can pair this with a hat if you’d like, but it’s not required. 

Songs for this day: Chiquitita- ABBA, Memphis-Kitten

  • Ikea girls trip

Wear your overalls with a baby-tee underneath. Paired with a baseball hat or two braids and sandals for a girl-next-door look. You should look like you can lift heavy boxes. While at Ikea, make sure to grab lunch. 

Songs for this day: Amoeba- Clairo, Simulation Swarm-Big Thief

  • To an island

Now is the time to pull out that halter dress and wear it on the ferry. Don’t forget a sweater because it can get chilly out on the sea. Wear your sandals or flip flops or no shoes at all! Islands don't have rules except alcatraz. 

Songs for this day: Summer girl- HAIM, Love Songs on the Radio- Mojave 3 

  • The fair at night

Ok ok, the fair is the perfect venue for your halter top. Pair it with jorts for a 1970s inspired look. You can even wear heart shaped sunglasses, they're a fan favorite. Be sure to wear sandals that don’t hurt your feet.

Songs for this day: Video Games- Lana Del Rey, Champagne Coast- Blood Orange

  • Going camping and hiking with the girls 

Now this is a socks with keens moment! Wear any shorts your heart desires and a t-shirt. Bring a hat that you can fill with river water and dump on your head, hikes can be brutal. Your perfume should be bug spray. No water bottle, just a flask. 

Songs for this day: Alaska- Maggie Rogers, Till The Moon Don’t Shine-Le Ren 

  • Picnic in a park

Wear one of your white dresses with eyelet or small floral pattern. Pair with nice sandals but take your shoes off on the blanket because manners. 

Songs for this day: Garden song-Phoebe Bridgers, Highschool Lover-Air  

  •  4th of july

Wear patriotic colors if you’re into that kind of stuff. Personally, I like to wear coral because I'm an individual. Wear your baseball cap to guard your face from fireworks debris. Wear flip flops or no shoes at all because this is the true start of summer. Accessorize with glow sticks.

Songs for this day: Fourth of July- Sufjian Stevens, Cartwheel-Lucy Dacus and maybe the national anthem or something.


  • Jesse

    We’ll definitely not wearing shoes as I am NOT lame…

  • William Kling

    What a fun read! Haven’t heard of most of the artists and wouldn’t dare wear most of the clothes-after all I have 50 years on you. I do still have jean shorts from the ‘70’s (pack rat), but no one would appreciate my wearing them.

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