Sewing Kits and Southern Cross

When I’m at a loss at what to say, I usually say, “You don’t say”, which is more of a declaration than a question. I also say, “You don’t say”, when I don’t want to agree with someone, and/or also don’t want to encourage them to speak further. I also say “Huh” in these situations. Definitely “Huh” as a declaration and not a question.

Someone asked me the other day, “What’s the deal with your sewing kits?” I was at a loss because sewing kits are no mystery. But my go-to options of “You don’t say” and “huh” didn’t quite fit. So I’m working on a third response for these situations where a question is asked but you don’t know how to respond because you don’t really know what the person is getting at.

The Sewing Kits

Until I get there, let’s talk about the sewing kits, and what their deal is.

As you know Second Serve Resale is a nonprofit trying to lower the consumption of new clothing items. We do this by reminding everyone of the benefits of resale: it’s cheaper, you find cool things, you can send 85% to the cause of your choice (only at Second Serve!), and it’s great for the environment. This last bit, the environment, is why Second Serve Resale exists. We want to end the “take make waste” linear economy that is ingrained in our frontal lobes and change it around so that people don’t take. And don’t waste.

Because there are two options when something is flawed or broken: you can fix it or you can replace it. OK there are three- you can make the thing into something else.

At Second Serve Resale, we want you to buy resale when you are replacing your clothes. But the other option is to fix what you have. With clothing you can repair a seam with a few stitches, patch a hole or stain, or hem pants into shorts. By mending what you own there is no need to buy any replacement.

And who doesn’t want a super cute sewing kit? Look at these! SSR board member Kate Eady made these out of fabric scraps and Fresh Direct bags!


We think that having the tools to repair your stuff, in this handy cute kit, might make some headway on the whole frontal lobe front. The more we talk about this stuff, the more likely someone will reach for some thread instead of typing in Amazon when they need new pants. That’s what we are hoping for.

But is “Southern Cross” Yacht Rock?

To promote the sewing kits, we put them on instagram and announced we were giving them away, if people followed Second Serve Resale and tagged their friends. I also added in there that the chances of getting a sewing kit would increase if they included their favorite yacht rock song in the comments (yacht rock is the genre for Second Serve Resale, and kind of how we get through winters in Rhode Island. If you don’t know what yacht rock is, then please refer to one of our first blog posts). We are sending the kits to everyone anyway but I wanted to see what people would say.

I got the usual Summer Breeze(s), and a few Michael McDonald What a Fool Believes(s), and Brandy, all quintessential yacht rock. In response to each favorite listed I had an encouraging reply, like, “‘Brandy, yes 100%’”

But then someone put Southern Cross.

So this is tricky. I do not classify this Crosby Stills and Nash song as yacht rock and I will tell you why. CSN is a folk rock band that personifies the 1960s despite the fact they released records past that decade. Sure, Southern Cross is about sailing the ocean, but mere evidence of boating and water do not yacht rock make. Just think about what that would mean! Is Float On by Modest Mouse yacht rock? Island in the Sun by Weezer? What about Robert Palmer's Sailin’ Shoes? OK maybe that Weezer song. But it’s a slippery slope.

Not everyone agrees with me. I did get some back up on Reddit but there are many people that think the band that brought you Four Dead In Ohio and Almost Cut My Hair remains firmly in the yacht rock genre with this song.

I know. Baffling.

Maybe it’s only this song, not the band. Or maybe it is the band and I don’t appreciate them as I should. I stopped paying attention to CSN after Daylight Again so maybe I am the one out of date. Does anyone remember any CSN song after Daylight Again?

Sewing Kits!

So back to the sewing kits on instagram. I replied to everyone who listed their yacht rock favorites so I didn’t want to not reply to the Southern Cross lady, although not replying is probably the wisest course of action when contemplating your options on social media. I considered responding with a “You don’t say.” But I thought this might be seen negatively in print (ditto for “huh”). I didn’t want to question her choice, and like, get into it; we want to spread our mission and change frontal lobes.

So this is what I did. I replied “Southern Cross!” Just saying what was said (repetition, a third way!) was the response I needed. And this was encouraging or at least neutral because of the exclamation point. But, at the same time, it does not condone the song as yacht rock.

I still have to face myself in the mirror every morning.

And that, friends and family, is the deal with the sewing kits.

And yacht rock.

You don’t say!


Want your own sewing kit? You can buy one!  And you don't need to be a yacht rock fan. 




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