Prom, Mom, Peloton

Do any of you guys ride the Peloton? I was resistant, because the bike is expensive, and I thought that all the positive reviews were just because everyone spent so much money on the thing, that you had to say you loved it. But my best friends urged me with a “Amy you will loooooooove it”, so I got one. And I love it.

I have a standing date with my friend Tom, for a Sunday morning ride with instructor Jenn Sherman, who was actually the very first Peloton instructor. She is my favorite because she appreciates how music can transport you to a place and time like nothing else. Every now and again she does a themed ride and last week was “Prom Night, 1986”. She narrates the theme through the ride like, "Your date is driving up to get you" (Pointer Sisters come on) or, “Right now everyone is on the dance floor,” (Chaka Khan starts) and she tells us to up the cadence to 100 or more. It’s fun.

Since Sunday's ride I've had my high school prom on my mind, and I remembered that my senior prom dress was actually resale. I was not interested in shopping for a dress, and my mother ended up bringing me a dress home from a thrift shop. It fit well enough and I wore it. It was pink and strapless and part of the bottom ripped and came off on the dance floor. The DJ actually stopped the music to point this out, and I remember Patti and I (Second Serve Patti!) just laughing so hard. I repurposed the ripped fabric part as a boa, and went on with the night. This might have been where the seed of my love of resale was planted. I am deciding today that it is. Or was. Both.

I wish I had a picture of the whole dress but I don’t. It’s amazing that I could find this one. The part that takes the most time on these blog posts is finding the pictures. Then I find all these other pictures and I have to text them to my high school friends, and that takes time too. 

For my junior prom, my mom made me a dress. She asked me what I wanted and I said a tea-length pink satin dress with puffy sleeves and bows on the shoulders. My mother had skills! I loved that dress. I have no idea what happened to it.

Look at all that material. And the wrist flower arrangement

It is a good feeling to still be discovering the examples my mother set for me. Thanks mom! You are in me, and you are shining through on Second Serve! I love that. 

And thank you Jenn Sherman for prompting that memory. 

Peloton! It’s not just about the bike. If you ride, find me!  Look up seips, TheBucket, RI.

#secondserveresale, of course.


  • Amy

    Jess I have it! My kids wore it! Will get it to you❤️

  • Jesse Seiple

    Enjoyed this. I forgot how great mom was at sewing, tailoring, making clothes!! I remember she made my bat costume for Halloween when we were in Barrington and it was my favorite article of clothing for years and years even after I couldn’t fit in it. I wish I still had it! I would frame it and it would give me the same joy!

  • Uncle Tom

    Enjoyed this memory of your Mom, my sister. She was schooled very well in domestic skills by her mother and probably passed them all on to you…e.g. hospital corners, etc. Farm work was her Peloton.

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