Second Serve and the Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution Week is 4/18-4/24! 

What does that even mean?

Fashion Revolution is an organization that was founded after the collapse of the Rana Plaza clothing factory in Bangladesh that killed over a thousand people in 2013. Every year Fashion Revolution commemorates that tragedy around the 24th of April, in a week of activities and events that promote their efforts to change the fashion industry. 

Fashion Revolution envisions “a global fashion industry that conserves and restores the environment and values people over growth and profit”. 

We do too.

Second Serve is a part of this revolution by advocating a new way to shop and a new way think about clothing. Our vision is to see clothing maximized as a resource and be a tool for community transformation. I'm pretty sure that's a revolutionary goal. And it's totally fun.

Revolutions Can Be Fun!

We enjoy what we are doing! And not for nothing it makes change easier. We want to bring you talk about tennis and yacht rock and the finer points of 80’s fashion while we work on changing the clothing narrative.

Stories in Clothes 

We love telling the story of our clothing, and yours too! If you talk to someone long enough about their donations they will tell you a story about what they wore, where, and when. Remember the Beatles dress? So cool! The buyer picks up that story and continues it with their purchase.  

Stories in the 85%

Another key part of the story is where the proceeds go when you make a purchase on Second Serve—which nonprofit will receive the 85%? What will that money fund? How will that donation support change in our communities? 

It’s a story of meaningful acquisition of clothing, satisfaction in helping others, and confidence that the environment is protected. 

Positive Tangible Change

It is our goal to provide a shopping experience that embodies this story. This community embraces a new way to shop, a new way to think about what you own, buy, and use. It is a way that you, as an individual buyer and donor, have the agency to make positive, tangible change. 

Now turn up the yacht rock. We need some music with all this revolution.

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