Summer camp for my special needs girl!


For some, signing your kids up for summer camp is a regular part of life. Whether it’s lacrosse camp, riding, or a lakeside camp, we try to choose camps that match the interests of our children and send them off to form their childhood memories. It’s a rite of passage for so many kids. They learn skills and make friends. 


For many, however, camp is not a part of a child’s summer routine. Many children leave school at the end of the term and have very little to do once the summer comes. Routines and learning no longer make up their day. Sometimes it is a financial reason or a lack of availability in a child’s community. 


For my child, it was simply not an option to send her to the same camps as her siblings. Or so I thought….


My daughter Daphne was born 16 weeks early, and as a result she is blind and non-verbal. Her twin sister by some miracle is typically developed and has enjoyed tennis camp, theater camp and sailing camps. Her brother has sailed every summer since he was 5 years old.


But how could I find something fun for Daphne to do during her summer vacation? After failed attempts to find some meaningful activity for her, I tried the adaptive sailing program at New England Science & Sailing (NESS) through their partnership with Sail To Prevail. She has thrived out on the water and looks forward to going to sailing camp each week. Finally, an empowering experience for her!  Tiller in hand, she can feel the wind on the sail.


NESS has been amazing at getting kids from all backgrounds involved in summer programs out on the water and in their marine science learning labs. Children who otherwise would not be able to get access to summer programs are enjoying great experiences. 


I am more grateful than words can describe that I have a place to bring Daphne for time with peers and an activity she enjoys. NESS is truly a wonderful organization, and I’m truly blessed that my children have attended programs there throughout their childhoods. 


When you buy a dress, jacket, or other item from Second Serve, you can direct 85% of the purchase price to one of 10 nonprofits. NESS is one of them. All of our nonprofit partners have touched our hearts in some way. We know you will find one that touches yours.

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  • Jesse Seiple

    I can’t believe I missed this blog initially. What a great organization. So thrilled to know that they are a partner with Second Serve after what they are able to do with Daphne over the summers. Thank you so much for sharing. Heart growing . . . tears flowing . . . – Jesse

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