JOE's Jeans Jeans, 28
JOE's Jeans Jeans, 28

JOE's Jeans Jeans, 28

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These are the highest waisted jeans I have ever owned.  Purchased on my quest to replicate my first pair of Joe's Jeans which fit like a glove.  These fit, but after a while I tired of buttoning them all the way up.  They are so high its kind of like wearing Spanx, which is helpful at the beginning of the night, but as everyone knows loses its appeal by the end (just get them off so what if there's a flabalanche).  Still, if it's what you are looking for they do the job, and the buttons are a lovely detail.  All six of them! Excellent used condition.

  • size- 28
  • rise- 12.5
  • inseam- 27.5
  • fabric- 63% cotton, 23% polyester, 10% rayon, 2% spandex

Measurements are in inches and definitely approximate.  This pre-owned item is sold "as is" and not returnable.

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  • Resources for 0 theater workshop for local libraries served by the Center Theatre Group
  • $21.25 towards conserving open spaces by the Westerly Land Trust